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The Passion Behind the Business

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Nelia is an innovative healthcare thought leader with over 20 years in demonstrated results in increasing revenues, market share, achieving cost efficiencies and improving client satisfaction for diverse organizations. Solid reputation in leading operations and marketing strategies with the ability to analyze issues, devise continuous process improvements and incorporate forward-thinking initiatives to increase efficiency and aggregate expenses with limited resources. Expertise in aligning product offerings with customer requirements and conducting research on the competitive landscape translating to lowering product development and implementation costs. Prior to founding Chlovic Health, Nelia was at Cardinal Health where she led business retention and development activities for a $500 million revenue portfolio as a Director of Marketing and Strategy. Before Cardinal Health, She worked for MEDLAB a startup as a VP of Operations, Strategic Development, Client Relations and Marketing where she grew the company portfolio to $200 million. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing from Northern University. She sits on various board appointments and advisory positions

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