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We enable healthcare providers and organizations to transform care delivery and improving the patient experience through our invaluable products and services!

Personal protective equipment is the major line of defense against harmful materials or workplace environmental dangers like infection transmission such as COVID-19. We offer essential resources to keep our people, friends, and families safe, but also the doctors and nurses who take care of all of us. Chlovic Health can help you keep your health working fully equipped and ready to fight against the virus, bacteria, and chronic infections.  

Our mission is to enable your mission and it includes trust, respect, and support to all the healthcare workers with the equipment and services they need to survive in their profession. By presenting a broad range of PPE, we want to make sure there is an open and steady supply of protective equipment. Our aim is to supply healthcare workers,doctors, nurses, etc with the quality resources they require to fight the dispersion of diseases and illnesses. 

We believe in working and collaborating through our services with the subject matter experts in health care and government to find the perfect way to serve the medical community better every day.

We are available 24/7 to help! 

At Chlovic Health, we enable our network of providers’ missions by delivering healthcare worker products and services 24/7. We want to support every healthcare worker in the fight against hazardous pathogens and the battle to feel healthy and safe. That’s why we partner with one manufacturer in America and near shoring who continuously makes products that are made for our safety. We believe that helping healthcare workers is just like helping ourselves. We have to work harder together now to help reduce and stop the dispersion and make our world a safer place.

Medical Professional


The medical equipment we provide is particularly custom-designed to help healthcare professionals perform their duties safely and comfortably. Some of these products include isolation gowns, powder-free nitrile gloves, masks, bouffants, etc. With these high-quality PPE – we want to stop the spread of dangerous contaminants and fight all the pandemics and outbreaks. Order your PPE today to protect your frontline staff from harmful exposure.


Chlovic Health’s mission is to make sure there are products and services for all our frontline workers every day. We deliver the best quality sourced personal protective equipment to hospitals, clinics, healthcare, US government agencies, etc. As a distributor, it is our ambition to maintain a permanently sustainable manufacturing partnership bases on the vitally important supplies domestically and near shoring to make sure that there would be zero medical supply shortage.



Our devoted team of subject matter experts strives to make sure you have the resources – products and services to provide the best care to your patients.


We enable you to provide excellent clinical results irrespective of the care settings. 


We focus on all key areas to help optimize your operating performance and total chain supply. We make sure your staff has what they need.


Our team works to standardize practices and products through clinical assessments and solutions. We actively manage all areas of your project.


We aim to be your preferred choice for providing a huge collection of PPEs and other healthcare products and services  


We are always at your service and we can be your ideal partners for PPE supply chain management. 


We can help you understand what is right for every patient in your care setting while improving your operating performance. 

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